Friday and Saturday nights are obviously the busiest. The women on Tinder are hardly looking for anything serious. Osaka is super sexually liberated so… Yeah, you know what Tinde is for. You are not likely to meet the love of your life here. I mean the women who work in convenience stores, gas stations, restaurants, some of the girls in low-paying office jobs, etc.

You can also find more nightlife and places to party in nearby Minami, in Shinsaibashi, or over in Umeda. You will certainly find more places to party with girls in Tokyo, but you won’t be lacking for nightlife here either. It is the local word for foreigners and there are many places around the nightlife that are not ‘gaijin friendly’ which basically means you won’t be allowed to enter. The biggest challenge to meeting Osaka girls is the language barrier. It’s near impossible to meet an English speaker off the street.

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It can also be a great way to meet local friends but requires some planning in advance. Needless to say, if you are couch surfing you can’t exactly bring girls back home. When you plan your trip, consider what you’re expecting from your stay. If you are the type to survive on little sleep, a long weekend will be enough for both partying and sightseeing.

Osaka is passionate about creating a more obvious route for girls into tennis. “By creating a pathway into sport for young girls, I hope to help them build confidence on and off the court,” Osaka explains. “That pathway wasn’t always there for me and my sister growing up.”

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With the rest of the tennis season underway, Osaka tells PEOPLE, “I’m feeling really good. I’ve been training hard, and I’m looking forward to competing for the remainder of the season.” With the exception of Nanba Hanae, who is game exclusive, all reserve players went through some kind of color scheme change in the anime. Now you just need to show them you aren’t a creep and think of an excuse to go back to your room.

Day game can be a very time consuming process even in the most fertile hunting grounds. If you are trying to meet women during the day in perfect conditions it still could take hours and you might go home with nothing.

There is easy access to the rest of Osaka from Miami and the stations mean a lot of foot traffic and plenty of day game opportunities. All the best places for nightlife, online dating, day game, etc. “One of the reasons I was excited to partner with GoDaddy was the way they empower everyday entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into realities,” said Osaka. “Changing girls’ lives through play and sport requires allies and creating a website in partnership with GoDaddy was critical in sharing my vision with the world.” In Los Angeles, Play Academy will partner with organizations that support young girls’ participation in play and sport, especially those from Black, Asian and Latino communities. The Expression of Interest from organizations is now open . The first group of partners will be announced later this summer.

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Unlike Tokyo, Osaka women are pretty open to strangers chatting them up. Obviously, you shouldn’t go for the ones that look like they are late for work. That disclaimer aside, usually Osaka girls are more than happy to stay and chat. In partnership with Nike and Laureus Sport for Good, Osaka launched a program to support girls in sports in Japan last year.

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