In this blog, we will try to understand what exactly endorsement of cheque means. The endorsement is complete only after delivery endorsement in bank of endorsed instrument to the endorsee. needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding.

endorsement in bank

A or order without recourse to me,’ are instances of this type of endorsement. Here if the instrument is dishonoured, the subsequent holder or the indorsee cannot look to the indorser for payment of the same. An agent signing a negotiable instrument may exclude his personal liability by using words to indicate that he is signing as agent only. The same rule applies to directors of a company signing instruments on behalf of a company. The intention to exclude personal liability must be clear.

Encash a cheque

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endorsement in bank

This can be done by holder without his signatures by writing name above the endorser’s signatures. There is no difference between a bill or note indorsed in blank and one payable to bearer. They can both be negotiated by delivery.

The endorsee under a restrictive endorsement acquires all the rights of the endoser except the right of negotiation. The endorsement of an instrument may contain terms making it restrictive. The maker or drawer cannot endorse or negotiate an instrument unless he is in lawful possession of instrument or is the holder there of. A payee or indorsee cannot endorse or negotiate unless he is the holder there of.

Where an endorser so excludes his liability and afterwards becomes the holder of the instrument, all intermediate endorsers are liable to him. In such a case the person is not liable as the endorser on the bill. In other words, the person transferring such an instrument does not incur all the liabilities of an endorser. Endorsement- The word ‘endorsement’ under the Negotiable Instruments Act means, the writing of one’s name on the back of the instrument or any paper attached to it with the intention of transferring the rights therein. The person who effects an endorsement is called an ‘endorser’, and the person to whom negotiable instrument is transferred by endorsement is called the ‘endorsee’. The holder of a negotiable instrument may sign his or her name on the back of that instrument, which replicates the transfer of title or ownership of that negotiable instrument, this process is termed as an endorsement.

This is all from my end on what is endorsement in banking. When the endorsement contains not only the signature of the endorser but also the name of the person in whose favour the endorsement is made, then it is an endorsement in full. Thus, when endorsement is made by writing the words “Pay to A or A’s order,” followed by the signature of the endorser, it is an endorsement in full. In such an endorsement, it is only the endorsee who can transfer the instrument.

FAQs on Endorsement of Instruments

A cheque can be endorsed any number of times. This means that a person can give it to someone, who can give it to someone else and the same can be continued multiple times. However, the bank may seek further information before crediting the amount in the account of the last person to whom the cheque is endorsed i.e. the final beneficiary of the cheque. It was held that the effect of endorsement is that the legal title passes to the transferee and the transferee is therein entitled to demand, receive or sue for money which is to be paid under that instrument. If the endorser also directs to pay to a certain person or to his order, endorsement is said to be be ‘in full’ or special endorsement.

Facultative Endorsement is an underwriting where the endorser defers some privilege to which he is entitled. For instance, the endorsee is subject to pull out of disrespect to the endorser, and typically inability to pull out will vindicate the endorser from his risk. In an act of endorsement, there are mainly two persons – Endorser and Endorsee who initiates the act overall. An order cheque is a cheque where only the person or party in whose name the cheque has been drawn, can withdraw the cash. Sec 15 of the Negotiable Instruments Act 1881 defines the term ‘endorsement’.

Private and public banks offer many features to the customers. From opening savings accounts to giving credit cards and home loans, the list of product offerings and features is diverse and long. I will share with you, what is endorsement in banking and other relevant details. The explanation will help you choose appropriate services. Crossing a cheque means that it cannot be transferred to anyone else. These cheques can only be credited to the payee’s account.

Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. If I was asked to define endorsement meaning in banking in one sentence. I would just say ‘it is an assurance that the bank will uphold the commitments of its client’. Endorsements are used between the client, bank and international parties as well. When two parties don’t know each other, the endorsement given by the bank creates a feeling of mutual trust amongst everyone.

Types of Endorsement

Endorsement is the mode of negotiating the Negotiable Instrument. It is derived from the Latin term ‘en’ means ‘upon’ and ‘dorsum’, ‘the back’. At learning Perspectives, We see the world differently and we want you to take a deep dive into this world to understand various management concepts in a different than usual manner. In the following section, we are going to discuss each endorsement in detail. Become Premium to read the whole document.

endorsement in bank

You may take multiple cheques from customer instead of single of full bill amount (i.e instead of taking 1 cheque of Rs.1,00,000, its better to take 4 cheques of Rs.25,000 each). You may then endorse 3 of them to your supplier and deposit 4th in your own account. This would result in amount to be reflected in your bank account to be Rs. 25,000 instead of Rs. 1,00,000. “Pay C,” “Pay C for my use,” “Pay C for the account of B” are instances of restrictive endorsement.

In this article we will discuss about, what is Negotiable Bill of Lading, Why endorsement is required, who should endorse and what are the endorsements required. A cheque is said to have been ‘bounced’ or ‘dishonoured‘ is when it is deposited or presented for payment but could not be encashed by the holder of the cheque. Simran has issued a cheque in favour of Namrata. But, she has written “Account Payee Only” or “Not Negotiable” and crossed the cheque. Then, Namrata cannot endorse it further.

What is endorsement in banking ?

Adrija can endorse the same cheque to any other person in the same way. Now, if the cheque has finally come to Param then the bank could ask for details from Param when he approaches the bank to receive the cash. The endorser excludes his liability and in case of dishonor, endorser will not be liable for payment. Blank endorsement can be converted to full endorsement by writing name of endorsee.

Endorsement under negotiable Instrument Act, 1881

For example- a bearer cheque (of State Bank of India- Parliament Street New Delhi Branch) is drawn by Mr. A in favour of Mr. B. And Mr. B endorses the same to Mr.C. Now in case, Mr.C wants to liquidate the amount of CHEQUE IN CASH, he has to present the cheque in State Bank of India-Parliament Street New Delhi Branch only. If Mr.C presents this in some other branch, amount would be paid in his account and not in cash. Jeet issued a cheque in favor of Sohini and Sohini decides to endorse the cheque to Adrija, by writing Adrija’s name behind the cheque given to her.

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